Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Was blind, but now I see!

MY NEW GLASSES!!! Thanks to the friends at The River and FPC and Jeff & Jimi for the birthday gift of sight!!! (Yes they are bifocals!) Here is River Director Stacy Larsen with her new glasses in her church office at FPC!

Pretty New Things At The River

The God Spot and the display windows received a make over last month. The mural has been replaced by blocks of color that hang from the ceiling and allows more light into the front of The River. 

The Shady Oaks Garden Club donated a new bench for our memorial garden. Members Penny Humphrey and Heather Bagnell helped our River ladies to create the mosaic design on top of the bench. The end result is beautiful- especially with all of the pink and red roses around it. Thanks!!!
Iris along the fence line of the garden. Garden days are Tuesday and Thursday mornings! Come help out! 

Rory-Pet Therapy at The River

This is Rory, our new four footed friend at The River. Each month on the second and fourth Wednesday, Rory and his owner Sue McCain come to share some tricks, tail wags, kisses, and fun. Rory brings a smile to everyone he meets and can change a bad day into a good one. Just look at the pictures to see why this is true.
 Rory loves his mom Sue and they even have fun playing hide and seek at The River. "Where's Mommy?"
Miss Bonnie gets a high five from Rory! Miss Bonnie is one of Rory's favorite new friends. 
Patti gets a smile on her face when she spends time petting Rory. Rory loves the attention!