Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Joyful Noise River Choir at Presbyterian Women's Spring Gathering May 2014

The Joyful Noise River Choir performed for the 2014 Presbyterian Women's Spring Gathering hosted at First Presbyterian Church on May 6, 2014. From left to right: Mama Shirley, Paula, Karen, Stella, Barbara, Karen, Shirley, Linda, Karen and Stacy.

Women In Hot Water River Art Sale April 2014

Lydia Wilson, artist and student at ETSU, led River Volunteers in an art therapy project called Women in Hot Water that was on display at the Nelson Fine Art Gallery in April 2014. 

Wonder Twin Power: Sister Love and Sister Light by Stacy Larsen

Sister Love by Stacy Larsen

Sister Light by Stacy Larsen, River Director

Queen of Stars by Annie Banaszak, River Assistant

Close us of stars and hearts in the pocket of Annie's doll.

Close up of the Queen of Stars by Annie Banaszak.

Face close up of Betsy Beaver, River Visionary, Volunteer, and Board Member. Note the laundry line over her head!

Close up of the family members in the pocket of Betsy's doll.
Betsy Beaver's doll.

Mischele Hart, River Board Member and Volunteer, created a doll quilt. 
Close up of Mischele Hart's doll quilt. 

Mischele Hart's doll face in close up.

Jamie Rowan, River Volunteer, beautiful doll. 

Sue and her dog Rory at The River with Alex

Alex is one of Rory's special friends when he visits The River with his owner Sue. Rory enjoys a big hug!

Rory visits The River on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 10:30 am. Research shows that petting an animal can reduce blood pressure, calm your nerves, and lift your mood. Rory has done this and more for the ladies at The River.

I Am: An Exhibit of Self Portraits by Five Women from The River- Art display at Johnson City Public Library in December 2013

The River held an art show at the Johnson City Public Library during the month of December 2013. The theme was I AM. Each artist used three words to describe who they were as a person and then created a self portrait to represent themselves and these three words. 

Angel Coats self portrait. Angle's three words were Survivor, Puzzle Master, and Nature Lover.

Angel standing next to her self portrait.

Teresa Champillion's self portrait. Her three words were Compassionate, Caring, and Healing.

Teresa standing next to her self-portrait.

River Director's self portrait was all done in needlework. Her three words were Bohemian, Jovial, and Caregiver.

Susan Clark's artwork was collage and her three words were Woman, Justice, and Faith.

Susan Clark, a River volunteer, stands next to her self-portrait.
Diane Henderson stands next to her self portrait- a poem. 
Teresa, Diane, Angel, Susan and Stacy all stand together at the First Friday reception for the art show at the Johnson City Public Library.