Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving at The River 2012

 Angel gives Susan a haircut (top) and Heather gave Angela a trim (below) during Free Hair Cut Day which was the same day as out Thanksgiving Luncheon hosted by Susan Katko's women's prayer group for the 7th year in a row. We had fun watching haircuts while waiting to eat the yummy turkey!
 We had around 40 women in attendance and just like when Jesus fed the masses in the New Testament, we had enough food to go around too.
 Paula, Jackie and Melissa sit down to eat with the king, Elvis Presley.
 Telina, Shirley, and Betty enjoy each others company and the beautiful decorations before devotions.
 Melissa looks at the special Bible verse cards that each woman received. They were made by Shelly and by the residents at John Reed Nursing Home where the Joyful Noise River Choir goes to sing throughout the year. 
 Preparing to eat after devotions by Susan. 

 Susan gives devotions and then the ladies shared what they were grateful for this year. 
 They really enjoyed the devotions and the meal!

 What a lovely and yummy blessing for everyone at The River- thanks to our Turkey Day Dream Team!

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